Beginning on Sunday 13th January and running until Easter, Martin will be preaching a series of Sunday morning sermons through which we’ll be studying the CORE DOCTRINES of the Christian faith. While we remain committed to the notion that the practical living out of the Christian faith is what really matters, it’s important to acknowledge that our actions always flow out of our beliefs. Of course there is a sense in which God is mysterious and remains hidden from sight; we’ll never know everything about God! But alongside that, God has chosen to reveal himself – through his Word and supremely through Jesus. So we don’t remain entirely ‘in the dark!’

It’s with all of this in mind that series of sermons is being offered – that together we might be fully grounded in our understanding of who this God we worship really is.

This coming Sunday, 3rd February, we take on the fourth part of the series; Image: God loves.

With a smile!

Sunday, March 19th, 2017 | Tags: ,

Of course there are times when we cannot be anything other than sombre – not least in worship, when we consider the state of our world and our own shortcomings. But these moments will be far exceeded when we will worship with smiles on our faces!! How can we keep from smiling when we consider all that God has done for us – the many ways in which we are blessed. Why not take a moment to give thanks to day – to count your blessings.

Live Streaming / Service Playback

Sunday, November 30th, 2014 | Tags: ,

27KDNC_IPADPARISHONERARB (2)Every Sunday, morning worship from St. Andrew’s Church is streamed live, allowing anyone to join us ‘virtually.’ And if you can’t join us live, then our catch up option is an equally popular option. And what a great mix of people are using this media service! Old people, young people – people living in Arbroath and people from all over the world – committed Christians and those just looking. (more…)