What Is Prayer?

There was a day when most people were taught to pray at home, or in school. Perhaps we were encouraged to give thanks for food, or, at bedtime, to remember loved ones. Within some families, certain prayers were learned by heart and in most schools, the day began with everyone saying The Lord’s Prayer.

Nowadays, there is less evidence of formal prayer. In fact it has become something of a contentious issue with some people arguing that there’s no room for prayer in the public life of our nation. But surveys suggest that the vast majority of people still pray, in one way or another.

So what is prayer?

At its simplest, prayer is what we do when we talk to God and listen to him. And it’s by talking and listening to God that we develop a relationship with him. Sometimes prayers use words; at other times no words can adequately express the deep longings of our souls.

If you’re looking for a starting point for prayer, why not try the TSP prayer.

And beyond that the best way to find out about prayer is to get started!