What We Do

Give Money

In some churches it seems as if people are embarrassed to talk about money! The truth is, however, that churches need money to run and to resource the valuable work that they do in their communities.

So Christians should embrace the privilege that belongs to them to support God’s work. While an offering is taken every Sunday in Worship, nowadays lots of people use up-to-date banking facilities to make sure that their offering is kept  up throughout the whole year. Certainly the use of direct debit and GiftAid, through which tax is reclaimed on charitable givings, makes the life of the church Finance Team much easier.

At St. Andrew’s, over and above regular giving for the work of the Church, there are tremendous opportunities to support extra work both locally and overseas. See our pages on Malawi and on the Havilah project for two examples of ways in which you can support the wider work of the Church.

Sometimes people ask, ‘But how much should I give?’

This is something that you need to work out for yourself. And in all likelihood, your giving will increase as you move on in your faith. Some Christians give 10% of their income; this is called tithing. Others operate different systems but always making sure that their giving can be seen as being ‘sacrificial.’ That means that, for the Christian, their giving should always be more than the ‘spare change’ that they would never miss anyway!

Details of ways to give can be had from our Finance Team through the Church Office; telephone 01241 873238.

Give Service

Old western films used to feature images of hardened cowboys pointing guns at people and demanding, ‘Your money or your life!’

Christians know that God if interested in their money AND their lives! Yes, we are asked to give some of our money but, just as important, is that we be ready to give service through using out time and talents.

Everyone can do something! And at St. Andrew’s there is no shortage of opportunity to serve, both within the Church and beyond. In the Christian life, we are constantly amazed at the generosity of God and constantly challenged to be generous ourselves.