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Sunday, November 30th, 2014 | Tags: Latest News, Slider

27KDNC_IPADPARISHONERARB (2)Every Sunday, morning worship from St. Andrew’s Church is streamed live, allowing anyone to join us ‘virtually.’ And if you can’t join us live, then our catch up option is an equally popular option. And what a great mix of people are using this media service! Old people, young people – people living in Arbroath and people from all over the world – committed Christians and those just looking.You can access these options through our MEDIA menu or by opening one of the following links: LIVE Sunday service or or view last Sunday’s service. Click on one of the links to get going and, remember, your feedback is always welcome and if you experience any problems please let us know by either leaving a message at the office for the Tech team or email the team at