I am married to Scott and we have two grown children – a son and a daughter – and a lovely three-year-old granddaughter who keeps me on my toes.

I retired three years ago after an interesting career which spanned primary teaching, working in Social Work and latterly lecturing at Angus College.

I became a Christian in 1983. I say ‘became’ because that was when I made an active decision to follow Christ. Before that date if anyone had asked me about my faith I would have told them that my religion was Church of Scotland, as that was how I had been baptised as a child.

My family was nominally Christian, my parents always attended Great Communion services twice a year, and apart from the odd watchnight service, that was really the only church contact I had.

I had always been interested in the spiritual dimension to life and studied theology at university as part of my teaching degree and I believed that Jesus existed in history and was a ‘good man’, but I did not have a personal relationship with him.

All that changed in 1983 when I was married with two young children and our family had moved to Lincolnshire where Scott had started lecturing at an agricultural college.

In the week when we moved in, a lovely lady called Hillary Dyson knocked on my door and introduced herself. Her husband was Head of Centre at the college and she (like us) lived on site so she was my neighbour. She witnessed to me that first morning – telling me about her faith and the way Christ guided her life, and invited us to join her family at church the following Sunday (and lunch at her house). Hillary was (and still is) an amazing woman whose example I will always remember. Shortly after that I gave my life to the Lord and was baptised again by full immersion.

In 1990, we returned to Scotland and though churches and denominations may have changed since that time, Jesus Christ has been as good as His word – my rock, my salvation and my guide through life.

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