Pastoral Care

The Contact Teams

The town is divided into over sixty districts each with a Contact Team member whose duties include making contact with each of the members of the congregation in their district and who also deliver the Quest magazine.
The system is kept up to date by the Church Administrator who makes any necessary adjustments to the districts.
The Administrator keeps the names and addresses up to date and passes this information to the relevant people.

We ensure that each member of the congregation gets a visit each month, preferably in the week after the Quest magazine is published.

Each team member makes every effort to have direct contact with the members of his/her district and where this has not proved possible will leave a card indicating methods of contact. The primary aim of the system is to create the first stage of pastoral care. Should any team member find that there is anyone in their group who might be ill or require pastoral help then this is noted on the form provided. The Church administrator then collates all these response sheets, contacts the team member for further detail and then decides what level of support might be required by the Pastoral Care Team which is the next stage of care in the system offered to the congregation.
Members of the congregation who do not live within Arbroath are contacted by members of the team who are able to make contact at church or who do so by telephone. Where appropriate, the Quest magazine is sent out by post.
A ‘buddy’ system is in place for those Contact Team members who, because they live in their own district, would not ordinarily get a visit.

Wallets of material are prepared each month which contain the Quest magazine and the check list which details the names of all the members of each group, indicates whether the Church of Scotland magazine Life and Work is to be delivered and also includes small envelopes for those who are part of the collected offerings scheme. On occasion the system can be used to distribute other relevant material.