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Our Vocations Volunteers

Sunday, October 4th, 2015 | Tags: ,

VVs cliffs picOur Vocations Volunteers arrived at the beginning of September and since Day 1 they’ve thrown themselves fully into the life of St. Andrew’s Church and out wider community. It’s as if they’ve always been with us, so quickly have they settled in!¬†They come from quite different places and backgrounds and yet they’ve quickly formed a great team – a team that is already making a difference. While they will bring much to us in the remainder of their year, our hope is that their time will be instrumental in their discerning what God is leading them into in life.

Welcome Matthew, Chris and Amy!

Malawi – latest news

Sunday, August 30th, 2015 | Tags: ,

ChifundoIn what was a hugely inspiring evening, the congregation was brought right up to date with the progress of our work in Malawi. Thanks to Sheila, Fraser and Naomi for the excellent presentations. And yet the night began with the starkest description of the plight of rural Malawians. Things are as bad as we’ve ever witnessed them; people are living in collapsed houses, protected with no more than plastic sheets; many are going hungry, with maize running out; infants are dying for lack of basic amenities and health provision.. It’s almost too much to hear and the danger is that we can find ourselves wondering – ‘Is there any point? Can we really do anything to help?’

The answer to those questions is – ‘Yes, there is a point and, yes, we can do something to help.’ And in that is our encouragement. We heard stories of houses being rebuilt, following the floods earlier in the year. We heard of young people going into further education, from areas where such a possibility would earlier have been unthinkable. We heard of orphaned infants being saved and fed and taken into care. We heard – and saw pictures of – the medical clinic that we’re building at Kambolonjo nearing completion. We heard of families being supported with maize, their own supplies having ran out.

Of course, the problems are huge – but not insurmountable. Let’s continue to give sacrificially. let’s take our responsibility seriously. God expects nothing less.

Pictured here is Chifundo – the first ever of those we care for to get to medical school. What an achievement! Keep him in your prayers.

New Programme for 2015-16 Announced

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 | Tags: ,

E100 logoBeginning on Sunday 13th September, we launch out on our new programme, E100. E100 is produced by Scripture Union and is a programme which brings together the ‘Essential’ 100 passages from both the Old and New Testaments. We’ll be working our way through the set readings on Sunday mornings – all the way through till next Easter – and individuals will have the opportunity to follow the whole 100 readings as part of their personal devotions. On top of that, our network of small groups will study the readings as part of their weekly meetings.

We’re really excited about this new programme – to see how God will speak to us as we immerse ourselves in this study of his Word. Copies of the E100 guide book can be ordered through the Church Office, priced ¬£5, or participants who prefer digital versions can download those directly from Scripture Union’s website – ISBN: 9781844275885