Sunday 26th March 2017

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Whilst we aim to make every day a special day, Sunday is extra special – the day when Christians gather together in worship! This is the way it has been since the earliest of times and, indeed, there is a warning given in the New Testament against getting out of the practice (Hebrews 10:25.) It should be thought of not so much as a burden or a tiresome duty but as a privilege!

This Sunday, we begin our journey towards Easter. No more ‘Daniel’ until the end of April! As well as beginning to consider the last events of Jesus’ life, we will be giving thanks for mums and praying for those who find Mothers Day to be difficult for any number of reasons. Tania and Breanna will lead us in this prayer.

Evening worship begins at 6.30pm and, this being the fourth Sunday of the month, will take place in our sanctuary. It will be an evening of praise and worship with Michael leading the band and Susan, our gap year volunteer, sharing the message.