Sunday 2nd July 2017

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Whilst we aim to make every day a special day, Sunday is extra special – the day when Christians gather together in worship! This is the way it has been since the earliest of times and, indeed, there is a warning given in the New Testament against getting out of the practice (Hebrews 10:25.) It should be thought of┬ánot so much as a burden or a tiresome duty but as a privilege!

This Sunday, we’re looking forward to welcoming guests from Townhead Church in Ayrshire. The group has been coming to Arbroath’s Windmill Centre for several years now and their singing – particularly that of the children! – has lit up our services! Make sure you’re there to appreciate them this time around as they bring their own special brand of praise to our worship.

(Evening services are now on hold for the duration of the summer holidays.)