Malawi Visit

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 | Tags: Latest News

imageWe’ve been deeply honoured to have John Kang’ombe from Malawi sharing with us over the last couple of weeks. John is a project manager with Aquaid Lifeline, the organisation with which we partner to further our commitment to Malawi’s poorest children. John has spoken in Church, has visited school and has been able to enjoy some of Scotland’s beautiful scenery. His presence has been an inspiration to us and he has encouraged us greatly in our giving with the assurance that our financial commitment really is making a difference! It was a case of great timing that John was with us for our Harvest Thanksgiving celebration. How appropriate that, on behalf of the people we serve in Malawi, John was able to receive our Harvest gift – a mountain of chewy multi-vitamins for the children and money for purchasing maize, the staple diet for everyone in Malawi. To date, that giving has amounted to some £2,500 with promises of more to come. Every penny will make a difference.