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imageFew of those who were gathered by the harbour on Sunday lunchtime, 5th May 2013, will ever forget what they witnessed in the Baptism of Naomi Dunphy. The water was FREEZING cold but the occasion more than made up for any discomfort felt by those who made their way into the sea! The actual baptism was preceeded by a short service during which Naomi made a short statement of her Christian faith – a copy of which can be found at the bottom of this article.

For Naomi, as for anyone, baptism represents a very special moment. But while it might be seen as a milestone reached, more importantly it marks the beginning of the rest of the journey – the journey of following Jesus. There can be no doubt that Naomi is committed to that and we will watch with great interest for the wyas in which that will work itself out in the years ahead.image

I was born into a Christian home and have attended St. Andrew’s Church since I was in nursery and have grown up through Sunday Club and Youth group. Faith in God has always been a part of my life. I don’t have a time or a place that’s really significant in my journey; I guess it’s been a steady climb.

As I have grown up, a combination of many people have influenced me on my faith walk but one of the biggest influences was my Grumps (grandfather!) In fact a while ago I made a list of my hopes and dreams and one of them was to have as strong a faith as my Grumps. He was always so content and happy. He didn’t have much materially but he didn’t want any more than he had. For someone who left school at 14 to go down the mines, he was by far the wisest person I’ve ever known. He experienced many things that would lead others to doubt God yet he seemed to trust God all the more.

I think before now I was waiting until I was ‘good enough’ before I came foreard to be baptised as I felt that although Jesus died for me because I wasn’t good enough, I still felt that I had to change and stop letting him down. I now realise that that doesn’t make sense. Jesus died for me because I am not good enough and never will be! I need to let Jesus fully into my life and let him help me be all that I can be.

When I think of what Jesus has done for us, it fills me with a joy, peace and incredible feeling of love that I couldn’t imagine living without. That’s why today I want to let everyone know what Jesus has done for me and for you and why I am now getting baptised.image