Processional liturgy

God’s Gifts for God’s People

After the choral prelude which opened the service, the processional began to the accompaniment of the organ and brass instruments. Moving from the glass-walled vestibule, three bearers in each aisle made their way slowly to the front, led by our minister Martin and associate minister Ruth. They lined up along the bottom of the chancel steps, and each person stepped forward as invited and handed their symbol to Martin, who placed each one on the communion table.

Througout the ages, God has given his people signs of his presence. These are the gifts to the church and by them we are nourished and grow to be the people God means us to be.

Let us then receive the gifts of God for the People of God:

The Cross The Son of Man must be lifted high so that everyone who believes in him may have life!
The Word of God God speaks to his people and shows us the way, the truth and the life
The Water The water Jesus gives is life-giving water which leads to eternal life
The Light Jesus is the light of the world – those who are his are called to walk in the light
The Bread Jesus is the bread of life – those who eat of this bread will never be hungry
The Wine Everyone else serves the best wine first – but you have kept the best until now