Our Style

Every church has its own unique style, or flavour, when it comes to the way in which it worships. St. Andrew’s is no different.

All kinds of words could be used to describe our style but ones that you would hear most regularly would be “relaxed”, “informal” and “friendly.” That’s because St. Andrew’s Church is very much an open, inclusive community; “community” in the sense that we care as much about relationships with one another as we do about our relationship with the Almighty. The New Testament is full of this “love one another” language and always it is stressed that you can’t talk about your love for God unless you prove it by your love for your brothers and sisters!

And so this emphasis on fellowship underpins everything we do, not least our worship. Worship is what we do together, never in isolation.

Beyond that, in terms of style, worship at St. Andrew’s is Bible-based, prayerful and built around the heartfelt singing of praise. Our praise is balanced between traditional organ-led hymns and contemporary band-led songs in a way that gives proper recognition to our Christian heritage while remaining open to what is current and “of the moment.”