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Fixed Lives

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 | Tags:


Buy your copy of this wonderful book, at the church,  With one of the chapters is written by our own John Wilson.
Fixed Lives is a collection of stories about people who were once caught up in the cycle of addiction, but whose lives had been truly fixed. It provides intriguing and sometimes shocking insights into these individuals’ lives – real lives that have been totally changed.

The contributors to Fixed Lives are:

Paul Lloyd (Victory Outreach, Manchester)
John Edwards (Walking Free Ministries)
Paul & Julie Innes (The Rock & Teen Challenge, North East Scotland)
Cyril & Laura Wilding (The Message Trust)
Rod Williams (Real Deal Ministries)
Brian Poster (Brookhouse Methodist Church)
Chaz Homewood (Lighthouse Homes)
Lisa Oyebande (Lighthouse Church, Salford)
John Wilson (Lighthouse Homes)
Barry Woodward (Proclaim Trust)

Fixed Lives is published by Malcolm Down Publishing.


Monday, August 15th, 2016 | Tags: ,

recoveryIt’s hard to believe but it is ten years ago this week since we started what has become the Havilah Project! None of us knew back then what it was going to become. These were very humble beginnings and the name ‘Havilah’ hadn’t been thought of (see Genesis c2 if you want to know the origins of the word!) Now of course, the project runs out of its own purpose-built premises, employs staff and is open every weekday – with the sole purpose of serving men and women to support them to break free from addiction. And the great news is that many have set out on that road to recovery and have indeed become free to live life in all its fullness!

On Thursday 25th August, we’re hosting a special evening celebration to give thanks for all that has been achieved and to commit ourselves to the next stages of the journey. It’s an exciting time for Havilah and for St. Andrew’s Church and we invite you to come along to share in our special celebration.