Sunday Evening Special with Alan Donaldson

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 | Tags: Latest News


Rev. Alan Donaldson, Head of the Baptist Union of Scotland was guest speaker at our Sunday evening service on 21st September. Alan is a very gifted preacher, a man of contrasts who has a rare way with words; funny yet frank, chatty yet challenging, informal yet informative.

He opened his sermon by hilariously describing an experiment involving a man, a garden chair, some helium balloons and some string …

He packed so much into his sermon, yet it felt like he was simply chatting with a couple of pals. He challenged us through Matthew 28:1-20 to put the good news ‘out there’, whilst helping us remember that God is always present to guide us; that even in our moments of doubt and weakness, great things can be achieved through Him.

Such is his way with words that without much effort at all he really got us to think about how we ‘sandwich our Sundays’; how we fill our days in between each time we sit in church. He expertly interspersed his sermon with humorous asides and anecdotes, often of a very personal nature. From a particular occasion he found himself to be in doubt, to the curing of a 5 year old girl’s cold sores by another little girl.

Oh…as for the man in the experiment, when he finally floated back down low enough to be arrested he was overheard saying “well – I didn’t want to just sit there!” Do you want to just sit there? To take the easy option? Or will you rise to the challenge Alan set us and make disciples of all the nations (Matthew ch. 28:20)?