Putting It Into Practice

Saturday, March 24th, 2012 | Tags: Minister's Blog

Friday night was spent stretched out on the couch watching the 2010 movie, ‘The Book of Eli‘, starring Denzel Washington. Loved it.

Eli’s life mission is to protect an old copy of the King James Bible, the only Bible known to have survived the nuclear war that has laid waste to the world. He grows to value it and to believe in it and, in the end, because he has read it daily for thirty years, to know it by heart. Even though it is taken from him before he reaches his destination, he is able to convey its contents from memory to the scribe who makes it his task to commit it to paper.

Yet despite his intimate knowledge of the words of scripture, Eli finds himself saying, “I got so caught up reading it every day I forgot to live by what I read.

Reading and memorising verses from the Bible is one thing. Living by them – in obedience to an Almighty and Loving God – is an entirely different thing.

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  1. Ojitos says:

    another attempt of human bgneis to demonstrate a mythical belief as how they understand it gotta love such movies b/c as my experience goes the storyline sucks BUT the graphics are GREAT so awaiting to see for this reason The Book of Eli’ looks good b/c Danzel def. got something going on in that movie never seen him in such a role before DANZEL is SIMPLY DA BOMB can’t wait!!!

  2. Nico says:

    If a fondness for black puidndg and haggis is required to be a Scot then I might not make it. Everything else is lovely. While we do not eat mushrooms and beans for breakfast when I found them on my plate I thoroughly enjoyed them. And I can imagine that smoked salmon would go very nicely with fried eggs and scones. Come to visit me and I will offer you biscuits and white sausage gravy for breakfast. But that is another story.

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