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25 Years and Counting!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 | Tags:

What a wonderful weekend of celebration we’ve enjoyed as together we gave thanks for the twenty-five years of having Martin and Elaine leading our congregation! A dinner for office-bearers on Friday night was followed by a drop-in coffee afternoon on Saturday. The climax of the weekend was the morning worship, led by John Chalmers. At the end of the service, time was taken for expressions of gratitude which Martin concluded by reminding us that, when all else is said and done, the glory and thanks is due to God alone.

And now? Onwards, ever onwards!

Spirituality – For Men

Sunday, January 15th, 2017 | Tags:

It’s odd that faith is often written off as being ‘for women’ when Jesus’ original followers were all men!!! And beyond that, some of them were rough and ready! At St. Andrew’s, we’ve always made sure that there is plenty going on for men – from social gatherings to activity nights AND, as in the following, time and space for spiritual growth.

This new monthly gathering will focus on what it is for a man, in 21st century Scotland, to be a follower of Jesus. Each month (Wednesday evenings at 7pm) we’ll meet in our Community Spirit building to work our way through Krish Kandiah’s book, ‘Dysciples.’ The first meeting is on Wednesday 25th January.

This is for any and all men, from older teens to seniors. You don’t have to be a member – you just need to come along! At the very least, there will be good coffee and something to eat – so what’s to lose!! See you there.

Harvest Thanksgiving

Sunday, October 16th, 2016 | Tags:

dalitso-logoWe are delighted to announce that our Harvest Thanksgiving offering amounted to over £3,300 – all of which will go to address the serious maize shortages being experienced in Malawi.

This area of work is now managed and run by a stand-alone charity, The Dalitso Project, and their role is directing the strategy of the work, overseeing the day-to-day operation of the centres in Malawi and ensuring that monies raised go to their intended recipients. Why not check out their Facebook page and see if there are ways in which you might be able to get involved and lend your support.