Gift Day 2017: One week to go!

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On Sunday, 26th November, we will have our Annual Gift Day.  This is an opportunity for you to support our ministries and mission and ensure that our work is well resourced and effective in reaching out to meet the spiritual and practical needs within our communities.  See the November edition of ‘Quest’ for more details.

A generous proportion of our income What does the Bible say?
As some of us have much larger incomes than others, our offering should be a proportion of our income, rather than a fixed sum of money. If our offering is truly a response to God’s giving to us, it will be a generous, even sacrificial, proportion of our income.

(Psalm 116: 12)

Food for thought and preparation through prayer – Luke 21:01-04

Jesus watches the people presenting their gifts at the temple. Some rich people give large sums of money. A poor widow offers two small coins.

What was Jesus praising when he commended the widow’s offering?

Gift Day envelopes are available in the November edition of ‘Quest’ and from the church office or you can make an offering online by clicking on the button