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edit fixAnd so another Holiday Club comes to an end. With a total of seventy children attending ‘Polar Explorers,’ it really has been a fantastic week, with energy and enthusiasm topping the poll. While our setting was decidedly ‘polar cold,’ the warmth was there for everyone to experience. As well as having a bucketful of great fun, the children had opportunity to learn something of what we believe about the God made known to us in Jesus Christ. We pray that for many of them, it will have been the starting point of a journey of discovering for themselves what really matters in this life of ours.

On First Name Terms

Monday, August 19th, 2013 | Tags:

This week, I had occasion to be chatting with a couple who have belonged to our church for the last six years. They spoke in glowing terms about how much they enjoy the church and, in particular, about how friendly they find it to be. In the passing, they mentioned that they have got to know lots of people but that they only know them by their first names. I’m  not sure if they reckoned it to be a problem that they didn’t know other members of the church by their second names but as far as I’m concerned it’s no problem at all – in fact it’s a wonderful sign of the genuine family feel that we strive to make real at St. Andrew’s. There are times and places for formality but in the main church should be about friends and fellowship. I’m delighted that people are finding it to be that way at St. Andrew’s.

Tax – Getting Away With It

Thursday, June 21st, 2012 | Tags:

Neither ir excusable, but tax dodging costs the country massively more so than does benefits fraud.

I guess what bugs me is that our highly-paid celebrities love nothing better than parading themselves and their social consciences at Comic Relief etc. and yet if they were to do the right thing by the taxman, the country would be considerably better off. Millions of pounds tucked away in Luxembourg and Jersey etc. means less to be spent on our hospitals and schools. Call me naive but what is morally right matters!