Sunday Club & Creche

The whole family of St. Andrew’s comes together on Sunday mornings from 11am till approx. 12.15pm. In that time, children have their very own Sunday Club which combines games, song, craft etc. together with a simple introduction to Christian faith and spirituality. All Sunday Club staff are selected for their talent and commitment in working with children and all are trained in providing a safe and caring environment for children to learn and have fun.

Sunday Club is made up of the following:

Crèche Crèche is for 0-2 year-old children. Parents can stay with children to help them to settle but are then free to participate in the church service in the knowledge that if their child becomes unsettled they will be called back through to the crèche room. Crèche staff are very experienced in working with this age group. Each week they offer creative play opportunities and various simple activities suitable for the very young.
3-4 year-olds,
5-7 year-olds,
8-9 year olds,
10-11 year olds
Each group offers a programme just right for children at each stage of learning and development. Always, the emphasis is on fun, creativity and learning together. Staff members are committed to providing a warm, inclusive environment in which each child is loved and cared for and treated as a unique person.
Teens Our Youth Worker offers an excellent, exciting youth programme. As part of that, S1-S3 teens have their very own group on Sunday mornings in which members are encouraged to reflect on the spiritual dimension as they progress from childhood to adulthood.

For more information, contact the Sunday Club Co-ordinator through the church office.