For Newcomers

You can live in some towns for forty years or more and still be considered an ‘incomer!’ Thankfully, St. Andrew’s Church isn’t that kind of ‘closed community.’ On the contrary we are entirely open to newcomers and nothing makes us happier than when new people come to us and make their home among us.

When you first arrive, you’ll be certain to receive a genuinely warm welcome from our stewards and almost certainly some people will speak to you as you make your way in and take your seat in the church. Beyond that, nothing will be expected of you. You won’t be asked to stand up and introduce yourself or anything as embarrassing as that! You can join in with the worship or if you’re unfamiliar with what happens you can observe and take part as you feel comfortable to do so. Near the end of the service, an offering is taken when church members give some of their money to support the work of the church. As a guest, there is no obligation upon you to do so and you can happily pass the collection bag to the next person. No one will give you a ‘funny look!’

Be sure to make your way to the Connections Desk which is in the Welcome Gallery at the end of morning services. There, you can find out much more about who we are and, if you want to, you can share some of your contact details with us.

Alternatively, you can call our Office every weekday morning for all information about St. Andrew’s Church, Tel: 01241 431135.