Malawi Project

The organisation AquaAid Lifeline supports orphans in Malawi, and the involvement of St Andrew’s church began in 2005 when preparations were made for some of our young people to volunteer in the orphan village of Namisu.  Since then there have been further trips and visits to other villages and the congregation is very actively involved in a Sponsorship Programme.  They also support fund-raising activities on a regular basis.

The Project has grown to such an extent that the decision was taken in 2016 to form a separate organisation which would enable further development to take place.  This has been named as the Delitso Project and is now run independently of the church.  Through this Project, members of the church continue to give their support through the Sponsorship Programme and also actively contribute to,  and are involved in a variety of fundraising activities

Details of all these can be found on the Project’s website/ Facebook site and there is also a monthly update in the church magazine Quest.