We’re Back Home!

Sunday, November 8th, 2009 | Tags: Latest News

Sunday 1st November was a red-letter day for St Andrew’s – after a year of being “homeless”, our church buildings were finally ready for us to move back in. Watching the faces of the people as they crossed the threshold and saw the transformations for the first time, the “wow factor” was definitely present! Our morning worship was packed out, with all the new chairs filled. The acoustics of the sanctuary, which were already good before we moved out, have improved even more, and the rousing singing from over 450 voices was a thrill to hear.

It was truly “All Saints Day” for us, and the heartfelt thanks that Martin gave to Ken Miller and his Building Project Team was roundly applauded by everyone present. After some final work in the halls complex, the groups and activities of St Andrew’s will resume in our own premises – and then we have the Christmas season to look forward to!

We thank God for this wonderful resource for our mission and ministry, and look forward to how He will lead us to use them in the years to come.