I Found It Buried In A Field

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 | Tags: Minister's Blog

The newspapers are full of a story concerning some guy who has ‘metal-detected’ a store of ancient treasure buried in the ground in the Stirling area. To think that I used to laugh at these guys as they combed back and forward along the local beach, turning up nothing more than old coke cans!

Anyway, according to Scottish Law, the treasure belongs to the monarch but she, if she so pleases, may give the finder a ‘reward’ approximating to the market value. Lucky guy – good luck to him!

Radio Scotland was covering the story and, on the back of it, invited listeners to text in with answers to the question: What’s the best thing you’ve ever found?’ It put me in mind of the parable Jesus tells of a person who discovered treasure in a field and was so blown away by it that they went and bought the field right away, to guarantee having the treasure. Of course, Jesus was pointing to the Kingdom of God.

Those things which are of real and lasting value can’t be bought – they have to be discovered. But once you have them, it’s worth everything you’ve got to hang on to them.