Stewardship 2013

Thursday, June 6th, 2013 | Tags: Latest News

imageThis, the first week in June 2013, has been a hugely significant one in the life of St Andrew’s Church. We’ve hosted four sessions of our Stewardship 2013 programme during which we’ve sketched out something of our vision for the ways in which we believe God is calling us forward as a congregation. With almost 200 people sharing in these evenings, it’s been a hugely demanding week for our Hospitality Team who have served up four superb two-course meals. If there’s one thing we know how to do well at St Andrew’s, it’s eating together!Following the meal time, there has been a series of presentations which have been primarily concerned with vision and forward thinking. Essentially, St. Andrew’s is a congregation in good order. But we’re not prepared to settle for that! Rather we’re excited about the potential that still lies untapped in terms of growing our mission to the community around us and the world beyond us.

Our minister, Martin, made it absolutely clear that work among children, young people and families must be our key priority. He spoke of the ministries that we are already running and of the new ones that we’d love to develop. It was in that connection that he spoke of the need for more and more members of the congregation to ‘step up’ to offer themselves in service, according to the time available to them and their individual talent and gifting.

He spoke too of the opportunities that exist to support the future growth of the congregation in financial terms and made no apology for talking about money and the need that there is for us to adequately resource all that we intend.

Finally, and of real significance, he outlined his thinking concerning the soon-to-be-launched 20/20 Group. This will be a group of 16-25 year-olds who it is hoped will, with the right investment, become our future leaders.

St. Andrew’s Church aims to be a local church that is working right; a Church with a big heart for God and with a big vision of all that we might be.image

If you missed attending one of the presentations or you’d like to hear it again,  Stewardship talk 2013 is now online.