Fact Finding in Malawi

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 | Tags: Latest News, Malawi

Until now, trips to Malawi to take part in our outreach work have been undertaken by members of the Youth Group and their leaders. However, the work there is a congregational responsibility and so, in June, a group of members of St Andrew’s, accompanied by Martin and by Becky Dunphy will undertake the journey as part of a fact-finding exercise. While there, they will meet up with Naomi Dunphy who is approaching the end of her gap year working with the children at the day-care centres which the congregation supports. We look forward to hearing all about their first-hand experiences and the information which they will bring back to add another dimension to the work in Malawi. We think of them sympathetically as they endure all the necessary injections for travel to that part of the world.